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Who says Accountants live in the past?

Just because your year end accounts are a historical summary doesn't mean the rest of your financial information has to be.

If you keep your records up to date then add to it what you know about and then you can forecast. With a forecast you can plan ahead. Add in some monitoring and then you are in control of the numbers rather than the numbers being in control of you.

Your business shouldn't be all about accounts but, at some point, you have to do them.

 Accounts and bookkeeping aren't always the fun bits of your job, but we try to keep it simple so you can enjoy being in business.

What business services do we offer that fit your business needs 

Keeping your records up to date ... key to accurate banking and cashflow


  • Invoices, receipts, bank statements, credit card statements and all that paperwork. But you just want to run your business don't you? 
  • With more years of experience in sorting client paperwork out than we care to mention we are good at this, actually better than good.  
  • We have solutions for busy business people on the go... for example mobile bookkeeping Apps that allow you to instantly take images of receipts on any mobile devices at anytime.


  • An evil sent by the taxman to burden you well it isn't if you keep control of it. Don't spend your VAT money, save it, forget about it, submit your return, pay your bill, move on. 
  • Making Tax Digital and online VAT submissions... We keep it simple for you and guide you through the process. 


  • Leavers, starters, maternity leave, legislation changes, submitting payroll online and making payments on time to employees. More for you to think about.


    Management Accounts

    • If you want to know where you're at, and quickly, preparing useful management accounts will help you focus on your business and what you need to do to get you where you want to be. It's a journey. We'll help map it.

    Year End Accounts

    • Used primarily for calculating your Business tax, reporting to shareholders or trustees and submitting to Companies House.  
    • There are a range of legal and filing requirements depending on your business structure and of course penalties for misfiling information late or inaccurate. 

    Corporation Tax

    • Another tax for incorporated businesses to pay. We'll calculate and submit it to HM Revenue & Customs for you. 
    • However getting your year end accounts done as soon after year end as possible allows you to plan for the tax bill.

      Planning / Forecasting 

      Business projections

      • Having a business plan and knowing where you want to get to means you can work backwards to work out what you need to be done to get there. 
      • Equally you might not be sure of your destination but know you like doing 'x', but what do I need to do, how many do I need to sell to make a living out of it? 
      • By creating a business plan and a forecast, and by reviewing it and amending it accordingly, you will gain control and focus on what you need to do to achieve your goal.

        Corporation Tax forecasting

        • With timely information plus a bit of forecasting thrown in for good measure, we can estimate your corporation tax so you can plan for it, then put some money aside and just pay it without worrying unnecessarily about affording it.


        Statutory obligations

        Formations & Company Secretarial

        • We will advise you on the most efficient structure for you and your business maybe a Limited Company, a Limited Liability Partnership, a Sole Trader or a Partnership allowing you to make as much money as possible in the most tax efficient manner as possible, whilst taking into account your personal goals.
        • We can act as your registered office, retain your statutory records, maintain minutes of meetings and keep your declarations up to date.

        Auto enrolment & Pensions

        • We can advise and assist you with your legal obligations regarding the necessary pension scheme for you and your employees.

        Fixed fee or not to fixed fee

        What's worse than your tax bill? Your Accountants bill for telling you how much tax you have to pay. A double hit.

        So why wait for an Accountants invoice, your Corporation Tax and most probably your VAT and even your personal tax bill to all hit at once?  Spread your accountancy payments over 12 months and include our management accounts and tax forecasts for free.

        Arcus Accountants, looking forward to your future!


        Before you go .. 

        Making Tax Digital - what's this? Find out more here

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