HMRC offers alternative dispute resolution

A new facility to resolve disputes before they reach tribunal has been launched by HM Revenue & Customs.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Programme (ADR) is to be rolled out nationally by HMRC after a successful two year trial.

The service will be run by independent facilitators who will provide mediation between the taxman and businesses and individuals involved in a dispute with HMRC.  The service can be used whether or not an appealable tax decision or assessment has been made.

It is hoped that the ADR will ease the pressure on the tribunal system which is facing a huge backlog.

HRMC’s Director of Local Compliance Richard Summersgill said;

“I am delighted to announce that alternative dispute resolution for small businesses and individuals has entered mainstream HMRC business.

“We know that taxpayers like the speed and flexibility of alternative dispute resolution, and evidence has shown that by using the simple service, many disputes can be significantly shortened and resolved without recourse to tribunal.”

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