HMRC will give Taxpayers longer to file their Return ...

Potentially tens of thousands of people will be given longer to complete their tax return because of stike action by HM Revenue & Customs staff call centre staff on 31st January 2012.

HMRC have disclosed that as many as 7,000 call centre staff will be taking strike action on the deadline 31st January 2012, one of the most busiest days of the year to submit taxpayers self assessment tax return.  

HMRC have indicated that the automatic £100 late submission penalty would be waive for anyone whose return was delayed because they were unable to get through to HMRC helpline on strike day.


To date around 5 million of the 9 million UK tax returns have been submitted.  HMRC estimates that 600,000 will be submitted on the 31st January 2012.  


The strike action being taken by HMRC staff will not prevent taxpayers submitting their tax return.  However, HMRC anticipate about 90,000 telephone calls will be received at the call centres by taxpayers asking questions about their return.  Only one in five call centre staff is expected to turn work on the 31st January, and therefore it is predicted that it will be very difficult to contact HMRC on that day.  


HMRC have said that anyone who was prevented from submitting their return on strike day would not have to pay the penalty as long as they send a letter to HMRC explaining that their return was delayed as they could not get through to the call centres on that day.



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