Money matters for you and your partner

In these tough financial times, talking about money has never been more important, but many of us still struggle to bring up finances in our relationships. 

As new research shows that only one in five UK adults have someone they feel they can confide in about money, we offer some tips to make it easier.

Set regular time aside to talk about money

Weekly, fortnightly, monthly – it’s up to you, but don’t do it when you’re rushing off to work or late at night when you’re both tired.  It’s important that both of you have a general idea of the family’s finances so you know what big expenses are coming up and what the balance is in your account.

Remember, two people rarely see eye to eye on money

Just because you argue over money (most people do) it doesn’t mean your relationship is heading for the rocks.  Some people are spenders, some are savers, but just because you have different attitudes, doesn’t mean you can’t work to find some middle ground.

View money as a means to an end

Managing your money isn’t about spending as little as possible, never being overdrawn or building up a nest egg that you’re not allowed to touch.  It’s about spending your hard earned cash on the things you need and enjoy and setting financial goals for the future that you both feel strongly about.

Don’t avoid talking about money until it’s too late

It can be tempting to ‘bite your tongue’ over money issues you think could end in an argument.  But leaving it too long can make the issue worse.  Finding time to talk about money when you’re both relaxed can help.  Also try not to spring a big money talk on your partner by surprise as they could react defensively.

Don’t talk about money when you’re angry

You won’t solve any of your money issues by fighting or shouting.  If the bank statement doesn’t make pleasant reading, take a deep breath until you can raise your concerns calmly and rationally.

Don’t talk about money all the time

Even if you’re determined to take control of your finances, it can be wearing on others to talk about it all the time.  Put family life first and only talk about money in the time you’ve set aside.

Set yourselves some financial goals

Having something to aim for can make all the difference to the daily grind.  Things like balancing your budget, building up an emergency fund, saving for a holiday or a deposit on a house, or putting money into a pension or Junior ISA don’t just happen overnight!  Make sure you sit down with your partner together so you can plan what’s most important for you and your family.

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