Do you eat the same sandwich every day?

If you like to take the same sandwich to work every day, research by the Whole Foods Market company has revealed you are not alone.

According to their survey, one third of Britons eat the same lunch every day.  Of these, half say they have been eating the same lunch for six years.  The most common choice is a cheese sandwich, followed closely by ham.

Is it embarrassingly predictable to choose the same lunch every day?  Perhaps you might like to think that you are an adventurous eater, but in reality research shows that many of us like to stick to what we know. 

There may be a great deal of food snobbery surrounding the simple ham and cheese sandwich but many so called ‘food snobs’ will happily admit to eating the same breakfast every day (even if it is proper porridge or muesli!)

Perhaps we just need to accept that we often choose the same sandwich because of the comforting ritual it offers.   We believe there's pleasure in choosing what you know you like, and it isn't necessarily dull.  We’re happy to report that whenever we finish our sandwich, we wish there was just a little bit more.  Which of course, there always is – just not until tomorrow.

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